Temple of Heaven

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Temple of HeavenDuring the Beijing weekend, the best leisurely way is to visit the top spots of Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Hutong, etc. It will be an interesting Beijing weekend, and today I will lead you to visit the Temple of Heaven for your recent Beijing weekend.

Temple of Heaven is located at southeast of Forbidden City, covers an area of 273 hectares, is four times larger than Forbidden City. Temple of Heaven is the complex of imperial sacrificial buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The whole distribution of Temple of Heaven is the shape of Chinese word ‘?’, separated by two altar-walls to the Inner Altar and Outer Altar. It is a kind of knowledge in China in Beijing weekend. The outer altar-wall is 6,416 meters in length and the inner altar-wall is 3,292 meters. The wall in the end of south is square symbolizing the earth, and the wall in the end of north is semi-circular symbolizing heaven. The main buildings of Temple of Heaven gather at the north and south ends on the axis wire, connected by a wide Danbi Bridge, include the Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. And the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is the main stop in your Beijing weekend. And still there are many characteristic buildings and historical sites, with ingenious colors and excellent architectural skills. So many beautiful buildings in Temple of Heaven let you have a substantial Beijing weekend. Beijing weekend to visit the Temple of Heaven is a great chance to enjoy the long history about sacrifice in China.

Temple of Heaven was built in Yongle period Ming Dynasty in 1420. The compressive architecture creates a symbolic connection to strength the caste of Confucian. The state Council published that Temple of Heaven become national key unites of cultural relics protection in 1961, and was ensured as world cultural heritage in 1998. As the largest sacrifice architecture in China, Temple of Heaven was selected into China Records Association in 2009. Take full use of the Beijing weekend to enjoy the rich culture and history in Temple of Heaven is a wise choice.

Temple of Heaven is a must-see scenic spot in Beijing weekend. After traveling in Temple of Heaven, tourists from all over the world will know about the sacrifice activities in ancient China and the emperor worship to attention in the exciting Beijing weekend.

Chuandixia Ancient Village 1 Day Tour

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Beijing Weekend is one of the best times for you to visit one ancient village, Chuandixia Ancient Village. Here some more details about this one day trip to Chuandixia Village:
Chuandixia Ancient Village 1 Day Tour
Chuandixia Ancient Village 1 Day TourPrice From: US$ 72( 460 CNY )
Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 8 hours
Pick-up place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 8:00am
Finishing place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 5:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Feature: 1 day tour to visit the famous ancient village in Beijing, with private tour guide and service, takes you to enjoy the other feelings of Beijing.
Traveler’s review:
It was a nice trip that I had with my friends visited one village in Beijing, Chuandixia Village. The view was so great! Some fresh air with no pollution and located far from the city. It was the nice escape that I had during the weekend. Have some authentic traditional farm lunch. Quiet, clean and a traditional village. Know better about local people life and culture at the village around Beijing. Very memorable and become one interesting tour. Highly recommended.

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Beijing Aquarium - Paradise of Marine Life in Beijing

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Beijing AquariumBeijing has lot of interesting and famous attractions that you cannot miss if you come to Beijing. Not only located inside the city, some of interesting places are also located out of the city, in the suburb near Beijing. Because of that, Beijing City Weekend will be an ideal time to visit that far interesting place. You should prepare some more time to visit those attractions in Beijing city weekend. Have you ever heard Beijing Aquarium? Beijing Aquarium is one interesting attractions in Beijing City Weekend especially if you come to Beijing with your kids and family. Beijing Aquarium is located not far from Beijing Zoo, Summer Palace, some famous universities and other places.

Beijing Aquarium is also known as the worlds largest inland aquarium. It is covering an area of 120,000 square meters with a construction area of 42,000 square meters. The aquarium is combined science education and entertainment inside. During Beijing City Weekend, you can bring your kids to learn about many marine species under water where show inside the aquarium. Create your Beijing City Weekend more memorable and bring your children to know more about life and habits lot of marine species in Beijing Aquarium.

Beijing Aquarium also has been ranked among the first batch of China AAAA National Attraction. Thousand different species of marine can be found and raised there in your Beijing city Weekend. With good and clean environment, enjoy many marine species there during Beijing City Weekend. It can be separated in to 6 different exhibition hall include, Rainforest Adventure, Tidal Encounter, Wonders of Coral Reefs, Shark Wharf, marine Mammal Pavilion, and Whale and Dolphin Bay. Its own part has its own characteristic and beauty. You can see many species of marine more clearly with fresh clean environment and modern advanced facilities. The beauty and nature scenery of Beijing Aquarium never failed to make you and your kids amazed.

Same as another aquarium, Beijing Aquarium also has a performance stage where you can see some interesting and fun show of whales, dolphins and sea lions. They were being trained by professional trainers for performances to entertain visitors. Interesting right? Beijing City weekend will give you a chance to visit Beijing Aquarium now! Mostly visitors will come to the stage to see some performance based on the show’s schedule. So don’t be late for the show during your Beijing City Weekend! The show is a must sate performance that you cannot miss. If you visit Beijing as a couple, then Beijing aquarium will also become an ideal place to come during Beijing city Weekend.

Half Day in Summer Palace

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Beijing weekend is a great time to enjoy the most famous and representative attractions of Beijing, to know about this rich country in history and culture.
Summer Palace
Half Day Private Tour: Summer Palace
Price From: US$ 32( 200 CNY )
Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 4 hours
Pick-up place and time: Your City Center Hotel at 8:30am or 13:00pm
Finishing place and time: Your City Center Hotel around 13:00pm or 17:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Feature: The half day private tour to the famous imperial garden - Summer Palace in Beijing with private tour guide and driver.
Review of tourist who had enjoyed this tour:
Beautiful architecture, vivid colors, wonderful lake, the whole area is fantastic. Summer Palace was full of history about China. I understood better of the palace’s importance through this Beijing group tour with a tour guide. The tour guide was professional and knowledgeable. I like its constructions, all were massive. The man-made lake was amazing. This Beijing group tour was worthy.

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Weekend Trip to Villages

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Shengtangyu VillageEnd one week busy work, would you like to enjoy your weekend days away from the hustle and bustle city? Beijing village tour is an ideal choice to appreciate the tranquility and simplicity in villages gives you a leisure tour in city weekend Beijing.

Hancunhe Village is located at Hancunhe Town of Fangshan District, is 40 kilometers from Beijing downtown, is a modern village in Beijing. Not flourishing as Beijing downtown, it has own quietness in that land. Hancunhe Village is a compressive tourist scenic spot, concentrating on scan, tour, club, relaxation and spend holiday. According to research, the history of Hancunhe Village can be traced back to 1,300 years ago. Covering 2.4 square kilometers, Hancunhe Village has 2700 villagers. Hancunhe Village was integrated planned and built in 1994, and has built 11 top-standard housing district, 581 villas with various styles such as European, American, nationality and combination of Chinese and western. All these facilities are the best conditions for your village tour in Beijing. 1 Day Village Tour: Hancunhe Modern Village takes you to enjoy it.

In Huairou District, there is a beautiful village is located 11 kilometers from Huairou center and 60 kilometers from Beijing downtown – Shengtangyu Village. Shentangyu Village has rich resources, simple folk people and pretty scenery. In Shentangyu Village, the fishing and rainbow trout banquet are the main brands because the village Beijing sits in the ditch of rainbow trout. Just in the village Beijing-Shentangyu Village, you will have chance to taste the authentic rainbow trout. No matter steamed or barbecue, rainbow trout has tender fish flesh and rare fishbone. Shentangyu Village, the village Beijing, welcomes guests quietly. Rare flourish near road and more secluded in deep mountains, Shentangyu Village is ideal place to taste the real flavors of ancient Beijing. As well as the Shenyangyu Village, the Gaobeidian Village is an ideal tourist place in Beijing, and the Half Day Private Village Tour: Gaobeidian Village is an ideal chance.

Last, if you want to enjoy the ancient culture and historical sites, to enjoy the ancient village culture, Cuandixia Village is an ancient scenic spot for tourists who want to appreciate the old culture and history of ancient village in Beijing. 1 Day Village Tour: Chuandixia Ancient Village is supported with the complete service and cheap price.

Beijing Must See

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Forbidden City
2 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel) from US$ 118/pax
2 Day Beijing Tour Package B (with hotel) from US$ 120/pax
2 Day Beijing Vacation Packages B (without hotel) from US$ 95/pax
2 Day Beijing Vacation Packages C (without hotel) from US$ 94/pax
Beijing weekend tours are mostly Beijing 2 days tour package, including the most famous and representative attractions of Beijing usually. The Great Wall, is the sixth world wonder in the world, is the landmark of China attracts amounts of tourists home and abroad. The Forbidden City, is the best preserved imperial palace in China and is the largest palatial structure in the world, with various characteristic rooms. The Summer Palace, is the most well-preserved imperial garden in China, greatly influenced the Chinese horticulture, and mixes the skills of building garden of north and south of China. The Temple of Heaven, is the complex of existing most complete and preserve sacrificial building in China, is the first of the Beijing Five Temples. Tiananmen Square is the largest city center public square in the world, used for holding some important ceremonies and conferences. Ming Tomb is the cluster of cemeteries of 13 rulers in Ming Dynasty, and only one tomb is allowed to visit the underground tomb. Hutong is the local residential form from ancient Beijing, is the record of history and culture of old Beijing. And Olympic Stadium is the represent of modern Beijing, is built for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Stadium. Which I introduce briefly are the most famous spots included in the 2 days Beijing tour package.

2 Days Beijing Tour Package

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Mutianyu Great WallTwo days in Beijing, do you have any plan about it? If you want to visit Beijing, you can book 2 days Beijing tour package, private or bus, which is attractive for you or includes what you want to visit.

2 days Beijing tour package includes various attractions of Beijing, especially some most famous spots such as Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, etc. Tourists can choose anyone according to your demands and the price. If you have visited some of them, you can book the route excludes them. On BeijingLandscapes.com, you can find various 2 days tour package. 2 days tour package includes private 2 days tour package and bus 2 days tour package. And every route has obvious mark about bus or private, of course, some routes are not marked with bus, so they must be private.

Private tour is fit for tourists who are friends or family and know each other. However, private tour is little expensive than bus tour, but offers best private service, including private car, driver, tour guide and you can choose the tour guide depends on the language you speak. No matter car, driver or tour guide, they are service for your small group professionally. Bus tour offers shared service to tourists with cheap price. If you are alone or on a budget, you can choose bus tour. In this coach tour, you may meet many new friends. However, the tour guide just speaks English in bus tour.

Also, you can find the 2 days tour package with hotel or without hotel. You just pay some money, and you can enjoy the high-quality hotel service booked by our real trip advisor according to your needs, and save many troubles for you. But you live in Beijing and you need not to book tour with hotel.

Have a good time in Beijing weekend!
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Happy Valley Beijing

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Happy Valley BeijingDo you have some plan on weekend? Here I will suggest the place on Beijing weekend that might be you like. This one of the most favorite place to go during you Beijing Weekend Tour is Happy Valley Beijing. Happy Valley Beijing is located in the southeast corner of Sifang Bridge, on the fourth ring road, in Chaoyang District in Beijing. Happy Valley Beijing is an amusement park concept like Disney Land or Universal Studios, very suitable place to visit in Beijing weekend tour. So you can have some fun and relax you holiday in your Beijing weekend.

The concept design and master plan for the park was created by Leisure Quest International (USA/China). It is one of four theme parks in the brand chain; the other three Happy Valley theme parks located in the city of Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Similar in style with the Disneyland Park, Happy Valley Beijing also featured distinctive landscapes and themes throughout the resort along with featured rides within the different themes at Beijing weekend.

Covering an area of more than 75 acres (386,102 square meters), Happy Valley has been open to tourists since 2006 and attracted a lot of Beijing Weekend visitors from home and abroad. Beijing Happy Valley is composed of six theme parks, including Firth Forest, Atlantis, Aegean Sea, Lost Maya, Shangri-La and Ant Kingdom. In total there are more than 40 rides, 10 of which are extreme rides, an IMAX theater with seven screens as well as a shopping complex. Happy Valley Beijing is one of the recreational places that might be the ideal place to spend with your family on Beijing Weekend Tour.

There are more than 38 amusement equipment in the 6 theme park, including Round Mini-train, OCT Great Theater, Energy Collector, Crystal Wing, Energy Storm, Organ Paddle, Magic Theater, Trojan horse, Odyssey Trip, Titan Truck, Jungle Racing, and many other attractions. Happy Valley also featured a mini train that encircles the outer rim of the park which offers scenic sights with one station located on the south eastern corner of the park adjacent to the park entrance. Lots of local or foreigner tourists go there during Beijing weekend tour. You also should try that during your spare time in Beijing Weekend Tour. Happy Valley which also like the Disney land or Universal Studio is very suitable place to spend some spare time on Beijing weekend tour.


Mutianyu Great Wall

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Mutianyu Great WallBeijing has lots of historical sites and one of them is Great Wall. The people say, if you are going to Beijing, you should visit the Great Wall. The visitors can visit here on their Beijing Weekend tour. One of the interesting sections of Great Wall is Mutianyu Great Wall. On your Beijing weekend tour, Mutianyu Great Wall is the ideal place for all the visitors to visit. Mutianyu Great Wall is not as crowded as the nearby Badaling or Juyongguan sections of the Wall. Mutainyu Great Wall is the famous place you should visit in your Beijing Weekend tour.

Mutianyu Great Wall is a section of the Great Wall of China located in Huairou County 70 km northeast of Beijing. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall is connected with Jiankou in the west and Lianhuachi in the east. Mutianyu section is older than Badaling section of the Great Wall.

Watchtowers are densely placed along this section of the Great Wall with 22 watchtowers on this 2,250-metre-long stretch.  In 1569, the Mutianyu Great Wall was rebuilt and till today most parts of it are well preserved. The Mutianyu Great Wall has the largest construction scale and best quality among all sections of Great Wall. Compared with other sections of Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall possesses unique characteristics in its construction. Mutianyu Great Wall is the interesting place you should visit during your Beijing weekend holiday.

Mutianyu section of Great Wall is surrounded by woodland and streams. The forest-coverage rate is over 90 percent. The Mutianyu-Jiankou trail is becoming one of the most popular Great Wall hikes in their Beijing weekend vacation. There are two cable cars that will take you to the wall and back down again.  There also other Great Wall section close to Mutianyu is The Jiankou (Arrow Nock) section which is only 20 minutes away. In 2002, it was appraised as 4A grade scenic area and is the essence of Great Wall which is very good place to spend your Beijing weekend holiday there. Mutianyu Great Wall has its special character compared with other parts of Great Wall. The advantage and characteristics of Mutianyu Great Wall attract large number tourists every year in special Beijing weekend.

During Beijing weekend tour to Mutianyu Great Wall, tourists will enjoy the essence scenery of Beijing Great Wall and learn more about the history of this world wonder. And the excellent experience of Beijing weekend will leave a deep impression on your mind. Having a best Beijing weekend tour, will leave you the good memories during your vacation.


Kangxi Grassland Beijing

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Kangxi GrasslandCity weekend Beijing is good chance to relax your tense nervous nerve in this whole week. In the spacious grassland, you will forget all your troubles in this city weekend Beijing.

Kangxi Grasslands is located west of Kangzhuang Town in Yanqing District, and it is 70km from Beijing downtown. Kangxi Grasslands is the largest and it is the only one real original ecology grasslands for your city weekend Beijing. So it is best choice for your city weekend Beijing. Owing to its high elevation, the summer in Kangxi Grasslands is cool so that it is a holy land for avoiding summer heat. When ending of spring and start of summer, Kangxi Grasslands has green grasses, beautiful wild flowers, various kinds of birds and playful animals. When you are walking in Kangxi Grasslands in vity weekend Beijing, you are also walking to nature even paradise.

Kangxi Grasslands has standard race course and professional horse club so that you can gallop at this grassland and enjoy the vast grassland with horse or camel in city weekend Beijing. When the sun set, you will have a happy night in bonfire dance field. You can enjoy beautiful scenery in summer and take part in Snow Festival in winter. Kangxi Grasslands also offers place for setting off fireworks in city weekend Beijing.

At same time, you can know about local conditions and customs of Mangoloid. You can appreciate folk performance, live yurt, wear Mangolian costume, drink kumiss, eat roast whole lamb and enjoy the highest respect brought from white hada in Kangxi Grasslands. All these are gifts that grassland people give you in city weekend Beijing.

At this moment, beautiful grassland is your home and it will give you amiable home feelings. Do not hesitate where you should travel in holiday, Kangxi Grasslands is one of best choices in city weekend Beijing.